Kenneth E. Mapp

Governor’s Message

Do you think you can read five or more books by September 21, 2018?

I am certain that you can reach this goal and even surpass it!

I have big plans to reward you for stepping up and participating in the Governor's Summer Reading Challenge. The Reading Challenge is a fun, exciting experience that you can share with friends in your neighborhood and throughout the community. I encourage you to read books on different subjects and let your mind take you to distant shores to meet people and visit places found only in your imagination.


We've got some summer activities planned for students who accept the Challenge to take their reading to the next level. A special celebration is also planned later in the fall for students who complete the Challenge. There will be great prizes and it's going to be a whole lot of fun.


I am sure this will beyond most stimulating and enlightening summer yet!


At the end of summer, we've planned a special "Fun Day" for all who have completed the Challenge. Great prizes will be awarded! I know that this will be one of the most rewarding and exciting learning experiences of your life. So, read and have fun.




Sharon Ann McCollum, Ph.D.

Commissioner’s Message

The Virgin Islands Department of Education is excited to partner with the Office of the Governor for the 10th Annual Governor's Summer Reading Challenge. The Challenge is a great way to keep students engaged in reading during the summer months, and is an activity the Department of Education looks forward to each year. Reading is fun! Parents, I encourage you to read to your children and allow them to read to you. Discuss the books you read this summer and let your imagination run wild. Have a great summer and Governor Mapp and I look forward to seeing you at his Big Celebration when the Challenge ends!

Community Fun Day

Be one of our many student/reader celebrating with your fellow students and us at the end of the challenge period. Completing the challenge requirements and more allows you and your school to compete for prizes and bragging rights as the 2017-2018 winners of the 10th Annual Governor’s Summer Reading Challenge.

We look forward to seeing there, so take the challenge!

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Your Books

This year’s book selections will help to grow our young readers’ mind with our stories about mystery, history, tradition, culture, fiction, and awareness of the world in which we live. We encourage you to read them all!

The Vienna Cake Mystery

by Charlene Abramson Joseph

Broo Nansi and Sis Iwana

by Yohance Henley

Where I Live

by Rick Grant

The Giraffe Hears the Drum

by Mario Picayo

Dolphins of the Caribbean

A Caribbean Natural History Series Book

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Our numbers continues to grow and are worth celebrating!


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