A Tradition

Broo Nansi and Sis Iwana

A New Telling by Yohance Henley

Origin Delta M. Jackson Dorsch

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Broo Nansi and Sis Iwana

jun 4, 2018

Dolphins of the Caribbean

jun 4, 2018

The Giraffe Hears The Drum

jun 4, 2018

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Grades: 3-4



Broo 'Nansi (that good for nothing fellow) has a dilemma. He and Sis Iwana are such good friends, they never leave each other's side. But when it comes to the feast under the river, Broo 'Nansi is determined not to share any food, and he'll go to any length to make sure he has it all to himself! However, Sis Iwana knows Broo 'Nansi well and does not fall for his trick that easily.  Another great Broo 'Nansi story filled with the humor and wisdom that only this ancient little spider can impart.



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     Interesting Facts

Dolphins Of The Caribbean

A Caribbean Natural History Series Book

Grades: 4-6



Meet the very smart dolphin!  A fun and educational book filled with information about one of our favorite animals.  With over 50 photographs and interesting information, this is a book that readers of all ages will enjoy. Dolphins of the Caribbean is the third book in the Close to Nature series dedicated to teaching children about the Caribbean's natural world.


Giraffe Hears The Drum

by Mario Picayo

Illustrated by Anabel Alfonso

Grades: 2-3



One day a young giraffe hears music coming from somewhere across the ocean, and decides to go and and out who is making the beautiful sounds. What she discovers will surprise her more than she could ever imagine. A fun, humorous tale in rhyme celebrating cultural bonds that neither time nor distance can destroy.



The Vienna Cake Mystery

     Cultural Fun

By Charlene Abramson Joseph

Illustrated by Danica David

Grades: K-2



One day, Tilda Turtle had so many guavaberries she decides to make a delicious Vienna cake. It isn't long before everyone in the yard notices the beautifully frosted cake glistening in the windowsill, their mouths watering over the buttery aroma. But things don't go exactly as planned for Tilda Turtle and her irresistible Vienna cake. A book filled with lovable characters, colorful illustrations, and a mystery to solve!  Includes a traditional Crucian Vienna cake recipe.




Where I Live

By Rick Grant

Illustrated by Galih Sakti

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Grades: K-1



Where do you live? In a cold place, a hot place?  In a house, an apartment? Maybe in a tent!  Read and discover some of the many places that people and animals love to call home.

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2018 Challenge Books

Jun 4, 2018

Track Your Books

Jun 4, 2018

Track Your Books

Jun 4, 2018

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